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"The Antivan Crows send their regards."

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Zevran Aranai
He's blonde, he's snarky, he's totally into you and he's an assassin. What more could you ask for?

Meet Zevran, fanbait extraordinaire. Born in an Antivian whorehouse, sold at a young age to the Antivian Crows and trained by them to be an assassin, Zevran will happily hop into bed with your character if you ask. And if you don't ask, he'll do the asking.

The purpose of this comm is pretty much to squee over him. Fic, art, icons, wallpapers, videos, everything is fair game for posting as long as it's connected to him! Hell, if you dream of a hot threeway between him, Alistair and Taliesen, post about it. Quoting lines from his in-game conversation is especially fantastic.

Slash-friendly, obviously. Het-friendly as well. Blood-friendly, gore-friendly, elf-friendly and assassin-friendly.

LJ-Cuts are your best friend. Apart from Zevran.

Join, chat, and convert other people to the worship of Zevran (or Zev, as he claims his friends call him).